Fear and Greed Heatwave

Fear and Greed relates to the volatility in the financial markets. This app takes into consideration all the performances of Currencies, commodities, Stocks and Bonds when determining the meter. All the instruments relevant in the financial markets are taken into the algorithm and their values are derived to obtain a single value to gauge Fear or Greed in the markets.

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Fear and Greed emotions has always been associated with the financial markets. The app measures two of the primary emotions "FEAR" and "GREED" along with "UNDECIDED" emotion. The main meter value is derived using the combined sentiments from Currencies, commodities, stocks and bonds.

About Fear and Greed Heatwave app

The investor sentiment prevailing in the markets has 2 strong emotions Fer and Greed. Fear and Greed Heatwave App Helps you to gauge the markets sentiment.

Each Screen has been designed to bring to life our powerful live data anlaytics 

This places you, as a trader, in the best position to know and understand when to enter the market

Live analytical data

Data when you need it , backed by powerful algorithms

Beautifully Designed Interfaces

Our unique interfaces bring simplicity to the eye while delivering powerful data

In App Notifications

Get alerts when there is extreme fear and greed as well as trade setups and fundamental data.


Beautiful Design and Powerful Analytics

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