Need to know when to enter a trade?

Currency Heatwave focuses on the parameters that are important for trading as much as the basic movement of the Instruments itself. These complex parameters are simplified in a graphical format to help traders in split decision making on buying or selling currencies.
Live Analytics
Currency Heatwave app has a unique algorithm that works with live market data from reputed providers. This algorithm has been developed using our financial and technological expertise to bring you the most accurate analytical data to make informed decisions.
How Currency Heatwave can help you
Currency Heatwave app is designed keeping in mind the requirements of a Forex trader. All that a trader should care about is Buy low and Sell high. The strength wheel and meter analytics should increase the probability of traders in making profit on their trades. All the data is from live market feed which makes this app stand out.

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Currency Heatwave is the Number 1 Currency Strength Meter Application. Helping traders make informed decisions on when to buy and sell

About Currency Heatwave

The app has 5 screens covering 4 important aspects of trading that is Currency Strength, Volume, Volatility and Sentiment.

Each Screen has been designed to bring to life our powerful live data anlaytics 

This places you, as a trader, in the best position to know and understand when to enter the market

Live analytical data

Data when you need it , backed by powerful algorithms

Beautifully Designed Interfaces

Our unique interfaces bring simplicity to the eye while delivering powerful data

In App Notifications

Get alerts when there is extreme strength and weakness as well as trade setups and fundamental data


Beautiful Design and
Comfortable User Interface

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