Hot Pairs FX

Trade the hottest pairs now, no more waiting around wondering which pairs are the best to trade

Hot Pairs FX is a high-quality trading app which takes into account the most popular and trending currency pairs at the given time in different timeframes. Trade the most popular currency pair.
Real Time Data Analytics
All the data is up to the second, live data analytics fed through our smart feed algorithms direct to the app, so you can make the best trading decisions in one glance
Unique Algorithms and High Quality Interface
Our easy to use interface allows you to move around the screens and get all the information you need when you need it

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A unique , one of a kind app, that brings analytical data to life, now every trader will know what pairs are moving

About Hot Pairs FX

The app has 5 unique components, that allow you to see what pairs are moving, how they are correlated, where they are expected to move to and their performance . This puts you in the drivers seat to make the best decisions possible - all in the palm of your hand

All screens designed with the fast paced trader lifestyle
Aesthetically pleasing designs backed by powerful algorithms

Night mode

Switch your screens to night mode for a muted look, or use our colorful interfaces, the choice is yours

High Quality Interface

Beautifully designed screens, backed by powerful analytical data to allow you to make the best trading decisions

Powerful Analytics in Real time

Real time analytic data, delivered directly to you, in beautiful simplified interfaces


Beautiful Design and Powerful Analytics

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